Wedding Guest Coloring Book // Custom Wedding book

Avery Campbell Art

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This is a digital download of 5 different pages of outlined families, couples and singles. This also includes a custom made outline of the bride and groom and hand lettering for the cover page!

There are a few different ways to use these images as a guest book:

- They can be printed at home and spread out at the wedding to have guests color a family that matches their own and sign their name underneath; then the pages can be bound together!

- The outlines can be printed at a print shop on a poster sized board or paper that can be framed after the wedding and guests can color and sign on one large piece!

-They can be printed at a print shop and bound to look like real coloring books to put out at the wedding!

Once you purchase, you will receive the png images of the family outlines. I will need a photo of the bride and groom ( just for face shape, doesn't have to be great) and their last name for the customized cover! You can send that information in a message at checkout or just directly!